Atlético De Madrid

Founded in 1903, Club Atlético de Madrid has 110 years of history. It is one of the most highly decorated clubs in the world, and indisputably in Spain.
Dominance on the field by reaching 9 major European and domestic finals in the last 5 years and winning 7 of them. Popularly known for its great fan culture, arguably the greatest one in Spain and certainly one of the most passionate in the entire world.


The program will be taught by 3 official coaches of the Atletico Madrid Academy and 1 Sport Supervisors and is aimed at an approximate group of 500 players, 100 players for each school per week.
The ages of the participants will be between 6 and 19 who are willing to develop their technical and tactical skills, become better players, and live an unforgettable experience by the hand of Atletico Madrid.


1.  Help players learn the technical and tactical concepts of football according to the lower category methodology performed at Atletico Madrid.

2.  Educate players about the importance of maintaining hygiene and diet habits throughout the campus sports, according to the clubs philosophy.

3.  Instill the values represented by Atletico Madrid.

4.  Encourage teambuilding between boys of different ages with a passion for football and Atletico Madrid as their common ground.

5.  Participate in training, fun and recreational activities related to football and Atletico Madrid.

The training sessions will be accompanied by seminars given by the Atletico Madrid coaches and professionals. Participants will be able to learn the methodological ways in which the club works, by creating a more personal overall experience. Amongst the discussed topics are; the history and values of the club, methodology, coaching and sports psychology, recruitment, physical preparation, goalkeepers and medical services. The seminars aim to interact between the participants and the speakers so that the player makes the most of the sessions.

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